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A Catholic priest is a man called by God to proclaim the “Good News” of salvation to the world and to lead God’s people in worship, especially in making present the saving sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross in the Eucharist. 


He is also privileged to bring Christ to people in the Sacraments:  he gives the life of Christ to people in Baptism; he forgives their sins in Reconciliation; he brings Christ’s healing through the Anointing of the Sick; he witnesses an expression of God’s covenant in Marriage; through his life in the Holy Orders, he becomes the presence of Christ in the midst of the Church community. 


The priest brings Jesus Christ to people and people to Jesus Christ.

Today, the world needs good priests, just like it always has.



Is God calling you to serve His people as a Catholic priest?

(For more detailed information, click on the Priesthood page above with its drop-down menu) 

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